When Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is set up on your computer, sometimes the problem would occur; Wi-Fi connection does not work. For troubleshooting, try the method following on this article.


  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS(or later)
  • Hardware(PC): MacBook Air(Parhaps not depend on the type of a hardware)


1. Insert the USB installing device into the PC.

2. Open Terminal and change the current directory to 'pool' on the USB.
$ cd /dev/DeviseName/pool
Tips: The device name can be known by 'fdisk' command.$ fdisk -l

3. Install the following packages:
$ sudo dpkg -i ./main/b/b43-fwcutter* ./main/d/dkms* ./main/f/fakeroot* ./main/g/gcc-7* ./main/g/gcc-defaults* ./main/g/glibc* ./main/l/linux* ./restricted/b/bcmwl*

4. Restart the PC.